We all express our emotions in one way or the other, as per our perception we tend to think that happiness is the best emotion,and trust me you are right ,it is the best emotion of all , but what makes us happy?
All of us have different reasons to be happy , one person might be happy because he got a job, an other person might be happy because he’s  getting married . 
Most of our reasons may differ , but we all have that one reason that keeps us together and that is gratitude. 
We all have people in our lives who , helped us become who we are now , it might be your parents , your friends or even an auto wala . 
Even though all of us have gone through a lot and are  here because of our efforts, we do have people who kept us safe and we have to thank them , before and after every step we take , because they made the us, the person we are . It will not only make them happy , it will also keep us grounded to the reality . Otherwise our  success will lead to arrogance.
 Millions of people we don’t know , work to make our lives comfortable . There must be someone who is struggling in the agricultural fields to feed us every grain we eat today , there must be a person who wakes up at 4 in the morning to give us milk , and we have to be great full to them and respect there service.
Maybe it has always been in the back of your head , to thank them but it never really came forward, most of us tend to take it for granted and forget that we are here because of them . 
But this is a chance , a remainder to thank everyone who loves you , everyone who took care of you , and everyone who helped you grow .
You might be like me , a little shy to express love and gratitude, but lets  overcome it this year , and I’m gonna be the first one to thank everyone who are a part of my life . And I hope you will do it as well 🙂


4 thoughts on “grattitude”

  1. Hello Prerana, good to read your blog. I am happy that you are expressing in writing your ideas and feelings. You are the first blogger I am following. Thank you for sharing your blog link.


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