how i’ve been bullied.

I’ve been bullied as a child and i still am as a teenager .
The first time I was bullied was when i was in second grade .
It was my second day in a new school , and while coming back home by the bus there were only three of my senior boys and I there . I sat in the front next to a window , thinking , wondering , doing my own thing , and when I don’t even notice that these seniors came close to me got something poky and just touched my shoulder , then i tuned back and they said “ You don’t look pretty , you don’t deserve to live , so we gave you an injection that will kill you in an hour , if you tell it to anyone you will die even faster. “
I believed them . I believed that if I tell anyone I’ll die even faster  .
I colllapsed on the floor crying as i stepped in to my house , i started crying , crying so hard that I could faint at any moment , I didn’t stop crying until it was nearly two hours later when I realised I didn’t die . Later I told my parents they complained , then the school took action about it .
But you know a few things don’t change . They kept bullying me , over and over again saying I don’t deserve life , i don’t deserve to be alive . Everyday I came home in tears , making myself believe in what they wanted me to believe , that I didn’t deserve to live . 
This continued till those particular seniors left the school .
There  was a point when I got so  fed up of complaining ,that , i stopped , i gave up . 
Went through that level of criticism EVERY SINGLE DAY . 
I never told anyone how bad it felt to be bullied , cause i knew they’d never understand , trust me even today when i think about it , I break down .
I got over it , but every time i think about it , i fail to be strong person i am all the time .
Then they finally left .
That’s when I thought it was over , that i didn’t  need to have to though it anymore . 
But again , things change , two years ago when I shifted to my new house , my bus route changed , and I wasn’t used to the people there so i slept , morning and evening . This girl , used to throw the inside of oranges at me and squeeze them on my head , while i was asleep . Again I didn’t know her , not even her name .
She squeezed orange peels into my eyes , and it burned like living hell .
You see by this time i was in seventh so I said people will change and let her go , then yes things did change instead of oranges she threw bread and foil at me . 
I complained, no action taken . I thought again she’s another human she hopefully dose have feelings , so she’ll  change . And as i said she did  ,again she did , now these hurt way more than oranges, bread and foil , these are called words  ,and trust me they hurt way more than war weapons slammed into your body .
Now this other girl also joined her ,
 they tell me fat , ugly , fit for noting , stinky , dark skinned .
Yell at me saying I’m a whore , I’m a slut and what not .  
I have held it in for months now , i can’t now , not anymore . I’ve never regretted anything in life , but now i do , I regret not taking action on her all this while . I am gonna correct it .

3 thoughts on “how i’ve been bullied.”

  1. OMG really, u went through this much Prerana😦 what the rubbish is that they have bullied you…really miserable Thank God ur out of it.U just don't think of it anymore….Lots of ❤❤❤ and a big hug to you. And u know what even I have gone through such rubbish at same age.They make no sense in our lives.Stay Strong Girl😚

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