It’s strange how we all consider crying as a weakness .
It takes a lot of courage , especially nowadays because all of us seem to be wearing that fake smile really well.
It took us to a point where now only happiness is considered as an acceptable emotion.
Have you ever thought how gutsy you have to be , to be able to cry? Especially when crying is considered weak , vulnerable and unacceptable.
We all go through it wether it’s bad days or hurtful situations .
So have you ever thought, why only the four walls of our washrooms know the sound of us sobbing?
Why do we cage our emotions inside our own body until it hurts so much that it finally breaks out in the form of damaged health.
So i want you guys to do me a favor and ask yourself;
Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? 
To reach out when you need help?
To dive head first into your shame ?
Are you strong enough to be sensitive?
To cry wether your hurting or your happy , even if it makes you look weak?
Are you confident enough to listen to the people in your life ? 
To hear their ideas or solutions? 
To hold their anguish , to actually believe them even if what they are saying is against you ?
Can we redefine our meanings of strength, bravery this and toughness?
Acceptance is one thing that helped me a lot , because accepting a person as they are is one of the most difficult thing and yet the most beautiful thing , because acceptance leads to not judging and when that happens you are automatically ready to seek help from them when you need it.
Inspired by Justin baldoni.


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