Oh my Gosh! I love Ad-hocs. Handling Ad-hocs is like acting in an action movie. So much of exitement, tension, planning, speed, action are required to handle an Ad-hoc.  Let me tell you what is an Ad-hoc in Robinhood Army. 

We have regular drives and Ad-hocs. During the regular drives, the timings to collect the food and distribution and the slum that we are visiting are preplanned.  Where as Ad-hocs are sudden, they are not planned. When a restaurant has excess food left they call us.  The fist thing we do is check the quality of the food , we do that by asking the donor when the food was prepared, for how many people we can serve the food to, we smell the food and then taste it to tell if it is actually good. The food we serve should be in good condition so that anybody can eat. 
  One day we got an unexpected call from three branches of Cognizant, a software company to come and collect the food. While we were breaking our heads to plan the collection and distribution, another call came from Ayyappa Temple, Folk Residancy and Optimum building asking us to collect the food.  We didnt even have the time to plan, yet fifty six Robins have gathered and got into action. Various chapters of Robinhood from Hyderabad participated in this. In a span of eight hours, we collected, transported and distributed the food for about 5,400 people residing at various slums.     It makes me so happy that a small group of 56 Robins were able to do this in such a short span.