Towards the end of 2019 my dad shared a video of Rajiv Bajaj with me, 

Normally I wouldn’t have watched it but for some reason that day I did.

And it’s safe to say Rajiv Bajaj is now one of my biggest inspirations.

With every talk of his he took me closer to the business world.

No actually he showed me that business is not a separate world.

In a way he pushed me to learn about the nuances of business.

His speeches answered a lot of my questions while giving me new ones to work on.

He might not have taught me everything I know , but he is the reason I even tried to learn everything I know about business.

One thing that I have learnt from Rajiv Bajaj is discipline , in the way he conducts himself.

He says yoga and homeopathy are his passion. And that coming from a person who is the managing director of a motorcycle company is what fascinated me to learn more about him.

So I wrote a paper about him.

About the way Bajaj thinks.

In one of the conferences Rajiv Bajaj attended , he compared Bajaj with soda.

Sounds bizarre?

Let me explain.

The market leader in two-wheelers in India is Hero Honda.

  • So coke – in motorcycle business is Hero Honda.
  • Bajaj was once Pepsi when they launched Discover.

 It had very few differences from the model hero Honda    launched.

  • And next in line is sprite – and their strategy is to make everything except what the market leader makes. Absolute opposite.
  • And finally Bajaj became Red bull ,when it created it’s own category with the Pulsar.

The reason I think he compared motorcycles and soda is because we have all tasted it.

To get a better understanding we need to know what it feels like and to make that happen he compared it to something that we consume very often.

And in another one of his videos he spoke about the nine dots that make a product sell.

These are the best marketing tools by themselves.

After watching a lot of his speeches and analysing the nine dots  I can finally say that marketing is not just about how good the advertisements are. It is about how the sales person in the shop connects all these nine dots and informs the customer in one line.

And in my point of view the two most important dots apart from the product itself are credible story and tangible experience.

If these are put to me in an emotional way then I think I would buy the product.