uncluttering spaces – by a confused mind

I’m sure I lost count of hours during the quarantine period just like everyone else ; but I’ve tried , Eighteen hours awake in the twenty-four hours of a day. And I’ve at least spent eleven hours just doing nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

Sometimes I have a tendency to not being able to experiment or exit in the middle.

I love so many things that I don’t know which ones I actually want and absolutely need, and most of them I realize are completely not me. Not just this but as a person I want to do so many things . until as recently as eight/nine weeks ago I even wanted to pursue about 5 masters – I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

And that’s when online courses came to my notice and as a curious person I decided to try them out , and what I’ve realized is that these 3-8 hour courses actually let me decide if that subject or that topic is my cup of tea.

But still I decided to do  a course on habits the other day because I can make a lifestyle out of it , and it now helps me track my day to day activities and constantly keeps me on my toes. Plus it really adds to my absolute passion for an understanding of the subconscious mind.

         And my experiment with online courses did not end there , today for a change I decided to go though course on minimalism and interiors , and one thing really caught my attention and that is  decluttering and the importance of keeping it minimal.

And I wanted to take up a challenge because I just can not let go of things that easily .so I decided to take this and got 3 things out of my room to give away and recycle .

You have to believe that I own and posses every single birthday dress from my first to till date parting with the things you love can be emotionally painful. Maybe I just like them way too much as memories , but people who visit me at home go nuts looking at the things I’ve accumulated over the years .

And I want you to join me in this challenge – but before you ask why , let me tell you my experiences :

·     Whenever I organize my desk , I’ve always felt like I had a much clearer stream of thoughts flowing – and google matha says that it’s actually true.

·     Especially when I declutter my closet  I had to choose between clothes  I’m going to wear , clothes I’m going to donate and clothes that I’m going to share with my sister or my friends.

·     When I organized my bed and cleared out my sleeping space I felt more relaxed and serene to rest , don’t forget to keep a book by your side because who cant fall asleep with the thought of reading :p

·     It for sure helps me focus!

To conclude , I am more clear clam and motivated to do the things I love to and to keep myself productive .

 I hope this little story convinced you to join me in this challenge , so take pictures of them or with them and tag me once done!


This took me forever butt the efforts pay off 🙂