I needed that.

I needed that.

For the longest time I have been the most confident person I know , in fact over confident. And I take pride in that.

Oh! For that sake I used to compliment myself on a daily basis and sometimes so much that my friends call me “self obsessed” as a joke.

But off-late it’s not been the same.

A few months ago I posted on Instagram about how I’m slowly coming to terms and getting okay with my acne.

And it has been like that until now , but for some reason its not the same anymore, in fact I’m just letting it get into my head every single day , and I don’t know how to deal with it.

I don’t.

I’ve tried it all from home made face masks  to actually consulting a dermatologist , but nothing seems to work.

One day someone asked me why I have pimples and another day a person literally came and said “ Enti moham anta padipoindi ” I laugh and try to leave it there but it stays , maybe not on the top of my head , but it stays.

Today was one of that day, today I hit saturation.

It got to a point where I didn’t take my mask off ,not because I’m scared of covid but because I’m insecure about my acne.

Later , I came back home and the only person I could think of is my cousin Manas. I called her and I asked “ have you ever looked in the mirror and said oh I look like shit! Because I did that today and I don’t know how to deal with it “

She said “ Pari , I’ve been in this body for so long , that I’ve gotten used to it at this point. That you will start to feel normal in it.

But beyond all that It does not matter how you look , and I know it sounds cliche , but what really matters is who you are as a person , and I know that you are a great one.“

Thank you.

I needed that.