Silence please 🤫

When I’m alone at home I look in the mirror and give my award winning speech, or I pretend to be a boss in board meetings or even my own therapist sometimes.

And when I’m with people, I go completely crazy.

I can have the best time with absolute strangers and not be scared.

If you ask me what I fear the most, then I have to say that it’s losing my ability to communicate in which my voice plays a major role.

Besides I have read that silence is one of the most powerful things.

It can apparently improve your concentration and focus and bring stillness in you – and for a person who changes the layout of her room every two months and wants to try something new every single day, stability sounded surprisingly interesting.

So to challenge myself I decided to go mute for 24 hours.


Have you ever played charades for 24 hours straight ? 

Well that’s what it felt like.

And if there was one person who enjoyed this whole day thoroughly, it was my sister – she took complete advantage of the fact that I couldn’t say anything to her.

From teasing me to tickling me, she literally vented out all the resentment she had bottled up for the last 12 years!

Another learning was, the immense amount of energy I used while talking had no place to go.

But I had to do something with all the energy!

So I locked myself up and wrote something that I had been procrastinating for months now.

However, I don’t know if I experienced any of those so called “benefits” of silence, but what I did realise was, normally when I’m in a situation I don’t like, I get angry.

But not being able to do that is what made me understand that being silent and thinking about the situation instead of reacting too fast or lashing out, can actually help and change my point of view in the situation.

And now when I think about it, getting through the day wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

So I might as well do it again!