Fate vs Free will

You opened the link and started reading this blog – is it because of fate or free will?

You are now thinking about it – is it fate or is it free will?

But what is fate?

Fate as google suggests is – things outside of a person’s control, predetermined by a supernatural power.

And free will is the capacity to choose what to do and what not to.

Freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention.

There are people who believe that another force decides what they do or what they don’t.

So much so that they think the responsibility for things always lies outside of themselves.

They believe that their entire life is dependent on people around them ( parents , friends , family , school , government & God)

And there are other kind of people who truly believe in free will, they believe that everything around them can change if they want it to. And that they can achieve anything and everything by just exercising their will.

They believe that their parents , friends , family , school , government all come under their will.

And when I had this question of what is more powerful, is it fate or is it free will? I couldn’t answer it.

I don’t know if I can answer it even now.

It is chaos and confusion I don’t know if my fate makes me feel that way or my free will- but here’s what I found.

Rationally free will’s principle says that: An action is free only if the agent – that is , the person doing the thing could have done otherwise. – so truly free will requires options.

And determinism by contrast doesn’t allow options. It says that every event is caused by a previous event. A person could have never done anything apart from what he/she already did.

Now even after reading that I couldn’t figure it out.

Because I do believe that every event is caused by a previous event but at the same time I also do believe that I am one person who thinks that everything and anything is under my will.

So what is it that governs our life?

And finally a person from the YouTube channel ‘school of life’ had made this really interesting comparison:

“We are like dogs , a dog who is tied to a leash and this leash is tied to an unpredictable cart.

The leash is long enough to give me a degree of lever but not long enough to let me wander wherever I want.”

So I realised , maybe my life is a combination of both , in fact a perfect combination – I don’t know which one is greater , but do I have to ?


Communication is expressing yourself , your thoughts and your actions .
They should mean something. Every thing you do has to make sense to yourself , at times even when they don’t, you do it because you think it’s the right thing to do.
All of us have close friends , but why aren’t they rest of our friends so close to us ? Because we choose…we choose the person who we want to be close with.
Just because I know your entire biography dose not mean I’m close to you . 
In my terms a close person means ,someone who you share your feelings with , someone who you express your emotions with , someone you trust. 
It’s strange how this person can be the person you hate the most , and when I say that I mean  it. Because the girl who I hated the most in sixth became my best friend in seventh and still continues to be so.
You can only become close to a person when you start to , when you start to tell them your problems , when you start to share your happiest moments with them . 
It is still hard for myself to believe that this person who I hated the most is now the first one to strike my head whenever I hear something happy or sad . And it’ s not just becoming close to them for once , it’s about maintaining a relationship with them . It’s about how you keep in touch with them , you might just talk to them for ten minutes in an entire week , but you still manage to tell them every single useless thing on this entire earth.
Getting back to why we choose the people who we become close to , it’s when the other person gives us confidence that they won’t judge you , whether you are good, bad or ugly. When these people tell you  to do something , you do it . Even though you  know that they maybe wrong, and you do it because you trust them .
And TRUST is the key.