Communication is expressing yourself , your thoughts and your actions .
They should mean something. Every thing you do has to make sense to yourself , at times even when they don’t, you do it because you think it’s the right thing to do.
All of us have close friends , but why aren’t they rest of our friends so close to us ? Because we choose…we choose the person who we want to be close with.
Just because I know your entire biography dose not mean I’m close to you . 
In my terms a close person means ,someone who you share your feelings with , someone who you express your emotions with , someone you trust. 
It’s strange how this person can be the person you hate the most , and when I say that I mean  it. Because the girl who I hated the most in sixth became my best friend in seventh and still continues to be so.
You can only become close to a person when you start to , when you start to tell them your problems , when you start to share your happiest moments with them . 
It is still hard for myself to believe that this person who I hated the most is now the first one to strike my head whenever I hear something happy or sad . And it’ s not just becoming close to them for once , it’s about maintaining a relationship with them . It’s about how you keep in touch with them , you might just talk to them for ten minutes in an entire week , but you still manage to tell them every single useless thing on this entire earth.
Getting back to why we choose the people who we become close to , it’s when the other person gives us confidence that they won’t judge you , whether you are good, bad or ugly. When these people tell you  to do something , you do it . Even though you  know that they maybe wrong, and you do it because you trust them .
And TRUST is the key.

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